Why do people like light-skinned people more than dark-skinned people?

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Do you really believe this is always true? I'm not so sure. I believe that people in different areas of the world have different preferences in skin tone, but I don't believe that a lighter color is always preferable. Many people spend much of their summers trying to darken themselves with the perfect sun tan; they certainly prefer a darker tone than their natural coloring. I imagine there are certain countries (in Africa or Asia, perhaps) where the darker the skin color the better; it may also be true that Scandinavians prefer a much lighter tone because of their year-round lack of sun. I imagine in the long run the depth of a person's skin color is merely a matter of individual tastes.

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In my opinion, this is connected to the way that power and wealth has been distributed in the world over the last few centuries.  In general, the people of the world who have the lighter skins have been richer and more powerful than those who have darker skins.  This has been happening since at least 1500, I would say.

If you think about the last 500 years, you will see that the Europeans and Americans (who came from Europe anyway) have dominated the world.  In my opinion, people like to copy those who are successful and they think that the attributes of successful people are better than those of less successful people. That is why many people prefer light skinned people to dark skinned people.

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