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All religions have some form of initiation rites in which people are welcomed as members of the community. Often the particular form these rites take differs depending on the age of the person being initiated, i.e. whether the person is an infant, child or adult. 

All three of the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have some sort of initiation or welcoming rituals. The form this takes in Christianity is baptism, involving whole or partial immersion in water, anointing with oil, and some form of liturgy and prayer. In Islam, as stated above, this initiation takes the form of community prayer and ritual that does not involve immersion in water, and thus is not a baptism per se. 

The Jewish version of initiation of a baby into the religious community involves prayers and other community rituals for babies of both genders and circumcision for male infants. Again, this is not baptism, but serves a similar function of welcoming the child into the religious community.

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This question is based on a false premise -- namely the premise that Islam does have baptism.  Islam has no such ceremony that one must go through to enter into the faith.

All that is required in order to become a Muslim is to recite the Muslim profession of faith.  This is typically done in public.  Once that is done, a person is a Muslim.  The person must then act in certain ways to be a good Muslim.  However, that is all that must be done in the way of ceremony.

So, Muslims do not have baptism and therefore this question cannot be answered as asked.

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