Why do so many people consider Diary of Anne Frank valuable literature?

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rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Often when we study the Holocaust, we hear about the enormous numbers of people who perished. Anne Frank's diary provides us with a look into the life of a young girl who tried to live her life knowing that at any minute she might be one of those people, as indeed she finally was. Another reason it has been used in classrooms, and has gained a great deal of popularity elsewhere, is that it does not include any discussion of the grisly horrors of the Holocaust, like Night, for example. In some ways, though, the real value of the book is that it reminds us of the real cost of the Holocaust. By gaining insight into Anne's life, we understand that countless young people like her had their lives extinguished before they ever really had a chance to live them. As one literary critic wrote, "Anne Frank becomes the voice of six million vanished Jewish souls."

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