Why do laws exist?

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Laws exist to protect the rights of the members of a society and to ensure that they do not have to protect those rights through their own actions.

Philosophers like John Locke argued that without laws, human societies would be brutal places.  They argued that a society without laws would be one in which individual people only had as many rights as they could protect.  In other words, you only had the right to life if you could keep others from killing you and you only had the right to your property if you could keep others from stealing it.

Locke says that societies devised laws and governments as a way to get themselves out of this state of nature.  The people would give up some of their rights to the government.  In return, the government would protect their major rights like life, liberty and property.

In this view, laws exist in order to protect our most fundamental human rights.  Because we have laws and ways to enforce them, we all have rights even if we would be too weak to protect those rights in a state of nature.

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  1. to provide order
  2. provide justice,
  3. structure a society
  4. keep the society safe (protect)
  5. protect human rights
  6. acheive equality
  7. guide behavior
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laws exist so that there is order in society. We give up a bit of freedom for protection that these laws offer.

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Laws baisically exist so that the counrty can run more effectively. When i say that, i mean that if no one followed the laws/ or if there were no laws, then every one would be doing as they please. It won't be organized.