Why do large corporations want to become more like small business ? Can you give any examples of companies trying to do this?  

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Large corporations want to become more like small business in order to be more unique on the market. Small businesses are a lot more flexible and can easily adapt to all market changes, unlike large companies, which usually need more time and resources to do such a thing. This is why it's also much easier for small businesses to take bigger risks with smaller consequences and make big changes a lot faster than big businesses. Small business also prioritize innovation and creativity, which is a luxury large companies sometimes cannot afford to have.

Another big reason why large companies want to be like small companies is better communication, both with employees and costumers. Small businesses have a more personalized costumer approach—they build close relationships with their costumers and offer a more personalized customer service. The employees also have much better synergy in a small business and can easily and directly communicate with their employers, who will often make sure that the problem is resolved quickly and efficiently.

One prime example of a large corporation thinking small is Amazon. Jeff Bezos believes that regardless of how large the company is, internal, individual teams should be as big as what two pizzas can feed, which is around ten people at most. He says:

We try to create teams that are no larger than can be fed by two pizzas. We call that the two-pizza team rule.

Smaller teams communicate better and are much more efficient, which increases the company's productivity immensely.

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