Why do the husband, the wife, and the thief all claim to have done the stabbing in "In the Grove" by Ryunosuke Niihara?

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What's interesting in this story is that it presents not only a murder but many other morally dubious actions from the other characters. In fact, these other actions are so deplorable to the characters who commit them that they are willing to accept guilt for the murder over each of these actions, even though they didn't commit the crime.

Masagu confesses to killing her husband in order to "spare him" from the shame of seeing her taken by the criminal Tajomaru, when in reality she was ready to leave her husband for him. By confessing to murder, however, she is able to get away with the morally reprehensible action of leaving her husband for a criminal and accepts the murder as her crime instead.

When each of the characters in "In a Grove " presents their "side of the story," none of the three is giving a faithful account of what they experienced. Each character presents the story in a way that preserves their moral character and sense of identity. Rather than learning about the murder,...

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