why do a higher number of men experience substance abuse than women

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Women are more likely to internalize their emotions and suffer more from depression and anxiety disorders.

Men, however, externalize their emotions, resulting in substance abuse and physical outbursts. Emotional impairment that is externalized means that men are more likely to physically seek solutions to their issues, and relying on substances to temporarily solve their problems. 

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I believe the reason is that men tend to drink more that women do, however women drink too.  Alcohol impairs judgement and makes you do stupid things that you might not do normally.  With this being said, the alcohol might make you want to try drugs.  Another thing is that peer pressure among men is harder to overcome with men that it is with women.  Another thing is that men in general have less common sense that women do.  They might be more apt to try drugs because they're not thinking.  Or maybe, the people that are creating the pressure don't have common sense so they try to get their friend to do drugs.  And with men, they might think they're being cool by doing drugs.  This is very common, especially among younger men.  I hope this helps answer your question.

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