Why do wars happen? Can someone please explain to me the reasons to why a country would attack another country.

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There are different schools of thought about this, but one of the major schools of thought holds that countries go to war in order to increase their power and security.  That can work in a number of ways.  For example, Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990.  This can be seen as an attempt to increase their power by taking possession of more oil fields.  Japan went to war in 1941 in order to get the resources it needed to remain a serious military power.

On the other hand, there can be times when countries go to war for more defensive purposes.  For example, Great Britain declared war on Germany in 1939 because Germany's actions (the invasion of Poland) made Britain worried.  They feared that Germany would dominate Western Europe and be a danger to British security if they did not fight.

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War is not necessarily evil. Yes some wars are, and some can't be justified but not all wars are fruitless. Everyone has a cause and a view different from someone else.

For example: World War 1 was a fruitless war and ended, people did not want another "Great War" like that but World War 2 occurred. If the Germans were conquering Europe left and right, and the British, French, Americans, etc decided they don't want to wage war, the ideas of fascism takes over and nothing gets resolved. World War 2 was needed, the Allies did a good thing in getting rid of fascism, liberating the Jews, and helping those that were suffering under the Nazis' hands.

Don't be one sided, sometimes everything has a reason.


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