Why do Anne and her mother fight?anne's conflict with her mother.

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marilynn07 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Anne is a typical pre-teen who wants to be treated more as an adult and less like a child. She is somewhat jealous of her older sister Margot, who in her eyes, has more priveleges. Mrs. Frank scolds Anne and wants her to be more compliant in their new living situation. Mrs. Frank is also afraid they will be found out by the Nazis if bickering between the family members is heard in the warehouse below.

Anne and the rest of her family came from a privileged background. Mrs. Frank has to conform to a new set of rules as do the rest of the Frank family members. Margot has made the adjustment, but Anne has not. This and the normal adolescent struggles between children and parents create tension between Anne and Mrs. Edith Frank.

valerie31 | Student

i agree with what marilynn07 said. Another reason why might be that Anne feels that her mom doesnt understand her 


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