Why is dirt an important motif in A Grain of Wheat and give three supporting evidences?

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Interestingly, "dirt" is used only twice in the text. The first use comes early on when Mugo encounters Githua: "[Githua's] shirt was torn, its collar gleamed black with dirt." The second use occurs very late in the novel when Wambui is wracked by her "consciousness of a terrible anti-climax" to their fight for freedom: "First I must sweep the room. How dirt can so quickly collect in a clean hut!"

Dirt: Dirt is a product of soil, and soil is what comprises a land, and a land houses a people, like the Kenyan people. In these two above uses, dirt accumulates where it is not wanted, turning the beneficial soil into a detrimental force that needs to be cleaned and removed.

There are words similar to "dirt" that are used extensively throughout the text, yet each seems to have a specialized association with it; the words are not used as exact synonyms. The words used are: dirt, land, soil, dust.

Dust: "Dust" is used when a negative connotation is imputed to the dirt of the soil of the land of Kenya. A person is said to walk on a lonely dusty road; to spit in the dust to show anger; to raise dust in a cowardly retreat; to find dust accumulated from neglect; to have burning feet covered in sweaty dust. Dust is the product of the dirt and shows or demonstrates negative feelings, traits, attributes and reactions.

Soil: "Soil" is that which nurtures the people who live on the land. The soil feeds the people. The soil belongs to the people. The soil is the unity and care and hope that exists toward and between the people.

This soil belonged to the Kenyan people. Nobody has the right to sell or buy it. It is our mother and we her children are all...

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