Why didn't the people in Elesewhere interfere with the community in The Giver?I assume that there was some kind of world war that happened many generations ago. That’s what caused Jonas's...

Why didn't the people in Elesewhere interfere with the community in The Giver?

I assume that there was some kind of world war that happened many generations ago. That’s what caused Jonas's community to go into Sameness. The rest of the world wouldn’t have necessarily reacted the same way, but whatever it was, this event was several generations ago so the world could be back to normal again. I’m just not sure why they wouldn’t have done something about the communities. Why have they never visited, or tried to fix the sameness or something? So then the rest of the world must also be corrupt in some way, or have absolutely no technology and no way of traveling... I'm not really sure.

Any opinions?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Elsewhere can be symbolic, representing death or Heaven.  In this case, Elsewhere would exist as some kind of afterlife.


If you believe that Jonas and Gabe actually made it to another real place that is not another community, then that does raise some questions.  It is possible that other countries take an isolationist view and do not attempt to interfere with the community. 

There are plenty of insular countries in our world with totalitarian regimes that seem to prevent their people from learning the truth about the rest of the world.  We don't intervene. 

It makes sense that the rest of the world would not interfere with the community either.  It also might seem like a utopia, with the killing of people who don't fit in not being well known.  I imagine the community might have a pretty good propaganda department.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In later books, we learn that Jonas does make it to Elsewhere and it is just a fairly normal and somewhat technologically backwards place.  Surely the people of Elsewhere would have not been able to contend with people who had the technology to control the weather and impose sameness.  

a19360 | Student

In addition to post #5:

The Communities probably broke off from the rest of the world fairly early, the extreme order and disipline caused their technology to advance at extremely fast levels compared to the rest of the world. They probably focused their technology advance on medication, genetic alterations, and weather control.


a19360 | Student

The Communities are just groups of people that decided to go into Sameness after some sort of event. They achieved it slowly through their advancing technology. But they are just a portion of humans. The rest decided to live as they did, like we do now. After a very long period of time, the only people in the outside world that know about the Communities in Sameness dies out. The Communities then remain hidden forever. In this story, the timeline is different from ours. The time is probably not in the future, but now, or maybe even earlier. Things are just different in that timeline. Judging from the information given in the story, the Elders and the Commitee probably thinks there is no Else where, and Elsewhere is just fabricated to prevent citizens in the Communities to  know where the old and under-qualified babies really go.

mrmonkeymrmonkey | Student

Elsewhere would be a sosiety or community like ours... A community without sameness and no colours or memories of the past. For example, our society learns history and history is a subject of the past.In jonas's society, no one learns history or anything back other than now.