The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Questions and Answers
by Avi, Edward Irving Wortis

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Why didn't Charlotte tell Captain Jaggery about her adventure in the hold? What did she think would happen? 

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After Charlotte is left alone near the entrance of the hold, a frightening occurence happens: a "grinning head" appears through the entrance to the hold, and Charlotte's candle goes out, plunging her into complete darkness. Charlotte bravely climbs down into the hold to investigate, and finds a hideous carving of a "humanlike face" that had been placed down there to scare her. Despite her relief that she is not in any immediate danger, Charlotte is still concerned that someone is willing to play such a cruel trick on her... Could these tricks only get worse as the journey continues? 

Charlotte knows that Captain Jaggery has requested that she tell him if she notices anything "untoward" happening on the ship; however she decides that reporting this mysterious incident to Jaggery would result in him perceiving her as "a sorry, troublesome child," which is the last thing Charlotte wants to be labeled as. Charlotte is determined to stay on the "good side" of Jaggery, and thinks that it is the safest move to be "infinitely more partial to the captain." 

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