In Great Expectations, why did Wemmick leave a note for Pip which reads "Don't go home"?

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Pip respects Wemmick, and when he returns from talking to Ms. Havisham and Estella, he receives a note that says not to return home.  He doesn't.  He stays in Covent Garden for the night and goes to see Wemmick the next day.  Wemmick tells him that an "unnamed" person is in danger and is being watched. He, of course, means Magwitch.  He instructs Pip and Herbert to move Magwitch to the same boarding house as Herbert's fiancee.  That way they can visit and not arrouse suspicion.  He tells Pip to go to the big city and lay low for a while.  He should go home, only tonight, and gather all of his "portable property".  After he spends some time inthe city, he can return and help Magwitch escape. After some probing, Pip finds out that Compeysen is alive and in London.

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coz its a mystery!!!!!!!u will come to know about it later in the next chapters.......

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