Why did Wendy, John, and Michael sit on the rock "for an hour"?

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In chapter 8, "The Mermaid's Lagoon," the children rest on Marooners' rock for half an hour, watching the mermaids, because Wendy insists they rest after eating lunch. Lunch may be make-believe, but she says it is important to give their bodies a rest from exercise.

They like to rest there, "their bodies glistening in the sun," every afternoon. However, in this chapter, the sun goes down, the weather turns cold, and everything goes dark and "unfriendly." Wendy cannot even see enough to thread her needle. With the children fast asleep beside her, Wendy can hear the sound of oars fast approaching.

Though Wendy decides against waking the boys up, Peter can sense the danger in his sleep. He jumps down from the rock and he starts to cry "pirates!"

They watch as Smee and Starkey bring Tiger Lily ashore to leave her on a rock to perish. Peter, however, is having none of it. He imitates Captain Hook's voice, telling Smee to let Tiger Lily go. Peter's plan would have worked perfectly if at that moment Hook himself hadn't decided to come ashore. He tells his men that the boys in Neverland have found a mother (Wendy) and that they should try to kidnap her. In reply, Peter orders his boys to charge and fight the pirates.

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