Why did Victor's father marry Victor's mother in Frankenstein?

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Victor tells Captain Walton the story of his father's marriage because he believes that the "circumstances [...] illustrate his [father's] character." Victor's father had a friend named Beaufort who "fell [...] into poverty," and grew so embarrassed by his fallen state that he moved away to Lucerne, Switzerland, with his daughter, Caroline. Mr. Frankenstein genuinely cared about his friend and tried hard to find Beaufort. In the meantime, Beaufort grew quite ill and was taken care of by his daughter "with the greatest tenderness." Caroline's "courage rose to support her in her adversity" and she worked to earn enough, at least, to support herself and her father, though meagerly. Beaufort finally died, and Caroline was weeping over his coffin when Frankenstein entered the house. Despite their age difference, Victor says,

There was a sense of justice in my father's upright mind which rendered it necessary that he should approve highly to love strongly [....]. There was a show of gratitude and...

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