Why did USA and USSR emerge as superpowers after WW II?

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When you consider the ideological differences between the United States and the Soviet Union, it becomes obvious why the two powers could not get along after World War II. The two superpowers were allies during the conflict, but at the war's conclusion, waged an ideological global war for four decades. But what allowed these two powers to retain so much influence after a long, hard-fought victory over fascism?

The United States, the world's strongest industrial economy in the world, was in better shape after the war than they were during the years of the Great Depression before the war. The GDP had grown significantly and during the war, unemployment had plummeted. Many of the western capitalist countries of Europe were devastated by the effects of war being conducted on their home soil. The former imperialistic powers of England, France, Germany, and Italy were devastated by war. The famed historian and philosopher Noam Chomsky mad this point about the United States evident in the...

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