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Why did the US support the contras in Nicaragua?

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The United States gave support to the “Contra” rebels in Nicaragua because those rebels were fighting against a regime that was heavily influenced by communists and which was friendly with the Soviet Union.  Beginning with President Jimmy Carter, American leaders did not want a communist-backed government so near to the United States.

During the Cold War, the United States wanted to contain communism and keep it from spreading into new areas of the world.  Therefore, it was willing to support even regimes that had poor records on human rights so long as they were opposed to communism.  This was the case in Nicaragua.  The US supported Anastasio Somoza even though he was a dictator with a poor record in human rights.  Despite the US support, Somoza was overthrown by the Sandinistas in 1979.  The Sandinistas were strongly influenced by communism.  They then became friendly with the Soviet Union. 

The US saw this as a danger to American national security.  Therefore, when rebel groups arose, the US supported them.  These rebels came to be known as the “Contras,” which was short for the Spanish word for “counterrevolutionaries.”  The US supported them in hopes that they would overthrow the Sandinistas and stop the spread of communism.

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truthkills | Student

The answer above is BS. The US does not enter war unless there is economic gain. A counter ideology, such as Communism is not a reason, otherwise the US would be at war with half the world.

The true reason that the US was involved in the war in Nicaragua is because the democratically elected Nicaraguan President, Ortega, was not giving in to US economic demands. Therefore, the Fascist US sided with the Right Wing extremists, The Contras. In doing so we trained them in warfare, gave them weapons and money to overthrow the Sandinistas, which was illegal. Congress prohibited weapons being sold to the Contras. However, the lying war criminal Reagan, along with the CIA, took matters into their own hands to overthrow Ortega and his Sandinista army. As a result thousands of innocent people were tortured and murdered. Too bad that what goes around comes around because Ortega was re-elected.

The conspiracy does not end there. The CIA and Reagan aided and abetted the Contras to sell Cocaine and weapons to the US market, that initially targeted black neighborhoods in LA, which spilled over into white neighborhoods across America. The hypocritical fraud, Reagan, who preached his war on drugs was actually supporting the sale of drugs and exasperated the drug problem.

The man so many Americans revere is a lying hypocritical war criminal. Furthermore, giving the credit of tearing down the Soviet wall to Reagan is a big fat lie. Gorbachev was way more responsible for ending the Cold War than Reagan, along with deteriorating Soviet economy and the protests of the Soviet people. Gorbechev attempted  to end the nuclear arms race and destroy nuclear weapons, if the US followed suit but the actor, Reagan, thought he was Hans Solo and wouldn't end his fantasy Star Wars campaign.

Furthermore, the F-loon Retardo the Magnificent was in touch with the spirit world, and was not only divinely inspired but was getting information from his wife's medium to continue in his fantasy.

Everything about Reagan is a myth. The actor won an Oscar for playing the role and sticking to the script so well and the sheeple cling to what that want to believe, making him into some benevolent hero.

Plenty of documented resources to back up my comments. Look it up