Why did the US and Soviet Union get involved with the Cold War?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Soviet Union and the US got involved in the Cold War because they had different economic and political systems.  Their systems were completely opposed to one another.  Each system taught that the other system was evil.  This caused them to be suspicious of one another.

From this initial suspicion, Cold War tensions soon arose.  The Soviets feared the Americans would use things like their initial monopoly over the atomic bomb to destroy them.  The Americans became more and more opposed to the Soviets as the Soviets did things like blockading Berlin.  These sorts of actions confirmed the suspicions that each side had about the other.  In this way, the Cold War began.

alishachopra | Student
There were feelings of suspicion and distrust between them.the disregard of historic compromise reached at yalta conference is a instance.wilston churchills fulton speech is another cause.truman doctrine which applied that russia's power or area of control was to be kept within limits and ideological differences and clash of interest was another cause. i knowonly a little about it but hope its useful.

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