Why did the triple alliance dislike the triple entente?

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The Triple Alliance consisted of countries that wanted more land. Germany and Italy had become countries around 1870. (Both nations were a series of states and kingdoms prior to unification.) As a result, they did not have a lot of colonies. The Triple Alliance was envious of the Triple Entente. France and Great Britain had lots of colonies. As a result, they were prospering from their colonial status. The Triple Alliance wanted to do this also. This meant they would have to compete with members of the Triple Entente. Both sides began to build up their military, realizing conflict may occur.  Additionally, Germany and Austria-Hungary were very worried about Russia. Thus, they joined together to face the perceived Russian threat. France was concerned about the Triple Alliance so it made sense for France and Russia to unite. Britain, which had buried its differences with France, joined the Entente. There were many reasons why both alliances disliked each other.

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