Why did the trimvirates want to continue democracy in "Julius Caesar"?the trimvirates were basically people of higher class in government........why did they want caesar not to rule??

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The triumvirates did not necessary want democracy in the way we think of it. This would have allowed rule by even the lower classes. What they wanted to preserve was rule by the Roman Senate. It's true the Senators were part of the upper classes of Rome. They had controlled Rome for centuries and were entrenched in their positions. They did not want a dictator who could possibly threaten their power. They considered Caesar a threat because he would have more power than they had. What they didn't realize was that the empire had grown so large that rule by a large group of Senators meant too much discussion and bickering before decisions could be made. This type of government works in a small setting, but Rome now controlled much of the known world. They needed an executive who could make decisions quickly and respond to threats quickly. Unfortunately, they were not willing to share power--something that is necessary in order to rule a large empire. Thinking they were preserving "democracy", they killed Julius Caesar, only to have his dictatorship return in the form of his nephew, Octavian. Octavian was able to manipulate the senators against one another and in the end, became more powerful than his uncle had ever been. He even renamed himself Augustus, Latin for sacred, grand or majestic.

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