why did too many foreigners invaded india?

najm1947 | Student

India is a land of rivers and thus abundant in production of food due to natural environment conducive to agriculture. Little effort could give high yields. The natives of the land flourished on the natural resources. The humid and warm climate for most parts of India, that included Pakistan, made the natives sluggish. Abundance of natural resource made the states of India prosperous and rich making it attractive for the eastern rulers, mainly from the harsh terrains of Afghanistan. Hence it has be invaded repeatedly by the armies coming mainly from Afghanistan. The rulers of various states of India could not fight the hardy invading soldiers and were invariably defeated by them, in spite of the fact that most of the time they joined hands against the invading forces.

India has been meeting this fate dynasty after dynasty because after the conquest of India, the occupying forces enjoyed the same luxuries but also were exposed to the conspiracies of the native Hindu defeated rulers making them weak. The last invaders were the British, who entered India as traders by name of  East India Company but could not resist the economic potential of India. They conspired against Moguls and other Muslim states with the help of Hindu states and took over India to fulfil their imperialistic designs.

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