Why did Toni Morrison use stream of consciousness in "Beloved"? How did Baby Suggs develop through stream of consciousness?

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Morrison uses a stream of consciousness style in order to capture the muddled thoughts and feelings of Sethe and Denver and Beloved . Sethe's thoughts and feelings once she realizes that Beloved is actually her baby daughter are not logical or ordered. Instead, she seems to feel so many things all at once that stream of consciousness makes the most sense. In part two, in the section Sethe narrates, she moves from her memory of killing her daughter, to why she was so protective of her breast milk, to her desperate wish that her daughter will understand why Sethe did what she did, to Halle, to the...

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Toni Morrison uses the stream of consciousness technique in Beloved to express the character's imagery inherent in her thinking, multi-layered, unpacked, and expressive. The depth of this type of writing ironically shows the breadth and depth of every utterance without the formality of linear language. It has the effect of bringing the reader into the thoughts of the character's feelings and real-time perception. Farthest from a third person perspective, it creates an online portrait of a moment in a character's life, describing a whole mood and point of view with words, similar to how a painting captures a moment with paint. The statements made by Steche conjoin description, emotion, and thinking in real time for the reader to visualize and feel at the same time.