Why did Tobe stay the whole time with Emily... but then left? for love

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Both Tobe and Emily are remnants of a long-vanished past. As such, they share a common bond that transcends differences of race and class. Neither truly belongs in this world, and so they look to each other for support to minimize the negative impact of their social isolation. Their loyalty to each other gives them a place in life they would otherwise not have. Each acts to validate the other, to reinforce each other's self-image. But this relationship is only destined to last as long as Emily is alive. Once she dies, then the little fantasy world she's built for herself—and in which Tobe plays such an important role—dies with her. Upon Emily's death, the spell is broken, and so all that's left for Tobe to do is skulk out the back door without a word to anyone and leave the old house for the last time.

In Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily ," Tobe was "an old man-servant – a combined gardener and cook."  More, he was the first one to know about her and her father's death, and the only one...

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