Why did Timothy try to help Phillip after he discovered he was blind?

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Timothy's innate goodness was such that he would have helped anyone in need of assistance at anytime. When Timothy rescued Phillip from the water after the sinking of their ship, the boy was not yet blind. He only became blind after many hours aboard the raft, and his harsh words came only after they had been adrift for some time. No doubt Timothy sympathized with the boy's dilemma and realized that he would need assistance in order to survive their ordeal. Timothy's fatherly age and wisdom also took over when he saw that the two may be together for some time.

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In the book The Cay Timothy is a kind older black man ho is from the Caribbean Islands.  He has been treated rudely by Phillip on the raft after they had been torpedoed and their ship destroyed.  However, he knows that Phillip is only a boy and can not take care of himself.

Because they are the only two that appear to have survived the ship's destruction with a cat, named Stew Cat, he must be the one to help the lad.  He recognizes that if he does not teach the boy how to survive and fend for himself despite his blindness that if something happens to him, the boy would die.

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 Timothy tried to help Phillip, because he know that he was going to die sooner or later.

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