Why did Thomas Paine argue for a declaration of independence and for immediate action?  

Expert Answers
thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Paine argues for the declaration of independence and immediate action because he completely opposes the monarchy system of governance. He argues that the monarchy is granted too much power and authority. In Common Sense, Paine states that the distinction between the monarchy and subjects contradicts the inherent nature of equality among men.

Paine suggests that America is evolved and does not need to pay allegiance to Britain. He suggests that America should declare its independence in order to break away from British hostility and strengthen its ability to participate in international trade. 

Paine argues for immediate action to ensure America is accorded an opportunity to chart its future away from the inherent challenges within the British system. He suggests that America is ready to establish a respectable nation that can form alliances with other nations. However, the ability to improve America’s stature remains hinged on its independence.