Why did they call Benjamin Franklin the first fireman?

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Another, more basic, reason is that Ben Franklin founded the first true fire department in Philadelphia. So in a real way, Franklin was the first fireman. This is keeping with the how the firemen and the government of Fahrenheit 451 twist history and facts to meet their own purposes.

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Benjamin Franklin was a "Renassiance Man", meaning he was a philosopher, inventor, politician, doctor, artist, writer, and much more.  Benjamin Franklin created the first firehouse in Philadelphia, so his title could have been given to him for that reason.  But if we look at him in more of a symbolic way, Franklin "put out fires" so to speak by being a mediator during the Constitutional Convention. He was given the title of "Peacemaker" at the Convention, since he was the sole person to mediate debates and help the two sides come together to form compromises.  He was the brainchild behind the Great Compromise, which created our Congress that we still have today.  Franklin was the first fireman in a way that he "put out the firey debates" and created a sense of compromise and peace among the founding fathers of our nation.

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