Secession and Civil War Questions and Answers

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Why did the North win the Civil War?

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There are many reasons why the North won the Civil War over the South. For one, the North had more heavy industry than the South, which had remained largely agricultural leading up to the war. However, the North's agriculture was more diversified than the South's. Secondly, the North had many more miles of railroad than the South, aiding in easy transportation of troops and supplies. Lastly, the North had more manpower, especially with slaves fleeing the Confederacy to fight for the Union Army at Lincoln's urging.

Starting in 1800, the North had industrialized rapidly, while the South had chosen to remain largely agricultural. In 1793, Eli Whitey's Cotton Gin was created. This machine allowed cotton to be cleaned and refined far more quickly than before. This raised the demand for cotton and thus slave labor. As a result, the South's cotton industry was booming and would become the biggest cash crop market in the world.

With such a lucrative slave- and plantation-based economy, the South...

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terrence958 | Student

the north won because it had several more advanages.

Strength and Weakness of the North:


1) bigger population=bigger army

2) richer and more technologically advanced

3) it had more farms=more food and suplies

4) Lincoln was on their side

5) good transportation


1) military leadership is very poor

Strengths and Weakness of the South:


1) military leadership was excellent. they had Robert E. Lee, an excellent commander.

2) it is a big area so it is hard to conquer

3) they have the support of Jefferson Davis, the Confederate President


1) if the North controls the Mississippi River, the Confederates is split into two sections

2) they have transforation problems

3) bad economy

4) relied on cash crops (cotton, tobacco, etc)