Why did the narrator go to a bank?

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My Financial Career” is a short story by Stephen Leacock. The story is written in the first person and tells the reader about a person going to the bank in order to open a bank account. We don’t know why, but the narrator seems to be very nervous about going to the bank. This can be seen in the statement “when I go into a bank I get rattled.” This statement clearly indicates to the reader that the narrator is not happy about going to the bank: instead, it makes him feel very uneasy.

Despite his initial nervousness about having to enter a bank, the narrator perseveres with his plan to open a bank account with this bank. This is because he wants to deposit his money, rather than keeping it at home. Following a recent pay rise, the narrator now is in possession of a fairly big amount of money, which he feels is unsafe to keep any longer at home. Instead, he wants to have it held secure in the bank: he “felt that the bank was the only place for it.”

Unfortunately, his undertaking of trying to open a bank account goes wrong, mainly because he feels so nervous and anxious. The condescending reactions of the bank manager and the other bank clerk only increase this anxiety further. This leads to the narrator ironically withdrawing all the money that he had just intended to pay into his bank account. But not only that—he found his experience in the bank so horrible that he has no intention of ever using a bank again. Instead, the narrator tells us that he “keep[s] [his] money in cash in [his] trousers pocket and [his] savings in silver dollars in a sock.”

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