Federalists and Democratic Republicans

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Why did the Federalist Party fail?

The Federalist Party failed because its ideals were comparatively less democratic and because of the War of 1812. The Federalists did not support the war, because it would harm their economy and because they admired the British form of government. When the United States emerged victorious, they appeared unpatriotic.

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The northeast had long been a Federalist stronghold. As the center of international commerce, the northeast also suffered terrible economic hardships during the War of 1812. This conflict brought virtually all overseas commerce to a halt. To make matters worse, the war started off terribly for the United States. As the situation worsened, Federalist leaders gathered in Hartford in December 1814 to enumerate their complaints against the way the Democratic-Republican controlled federal government was waging the war. They even petitioned the federal government for financial compensation for those suffering from the loss in trade. There was also talk of seceding in order to remove the region from the war.

The Federalists desperately wanted to bring the war to an end so that their constituents could resume normal commercial activity. Federalist Massachusetts even sent secret envoys to England to see about negotiating a separate peace. The Hartford Convention also sent delegates to Washington...

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