Western Expansion, Manifest Destiny, and the Mexican-American War

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  • Why did Texans want their independence from Mexico?



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    Texans wanted independence from Mexico because of Mexico's abolition of slavery, increase in tariffs, and the rise of Santa Anna. Texas, being Mexican territory, was subject to Mexican laws and policies. In 1831, Mexico abolished slavery. The United States was in the middle of exploiting the economic benefits of forced labor, so the people of Texas were not keen to the idea of losing it. Cotton production was still rising and removing slaves from Texas would have essentially ended the economy.

    Mexico also increased tariffs on items imported into Mexico from Texas. Once again, this was a devastating blow to the growing economy of Texas. Finally, the rise of Santa Anna sparked great fear on the people. Santa Anna was a Mexican nationalist, which was a signal to Texas that he would increase control over the area.

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    There are several reasons why Texans wanted their independence from Mexico. One reason was the Mexicans closed the border with the United States. Mexico was concerned about the growing number of Americans who were coming to Texas. Thus, they closed the border. This resulted in illegal American immigration into Mexico controlled Texas.

    Another concern was the high protective tarriff the Mexicans put on American products. The Mexicans wanted the people of Texas to buy Mexican products. The tariff was designed to encourage that to occur. The Texans, however, wanted to buy products from the United States.

    The Texans were concerned about Mexican policies. The Texans didn’t like that all documents had to be in Spanish. They were also concerned that they had to become Catholic. Texas wanted to be its own state within Mexico, but that was not allowed. Finally, no new slavery was allowed in Texas.

    When Santa Anna ended the Mexican constitution, the people of Texas had enough. The fight for freedom fro Mexico would now begin.

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