Secession and Civil War

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Why did some Southern states secede immediately after Lincoln’s election in 1860?

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Seven Southern states seceded following Lincoln's election because, though Lincoln promised not to eradicate slavery, he was inhospitable to the spread of slavery in future states. 

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The election of 1860 was a pivotal year in our history. Seven southern states seceded from the Union immediately after the election of Abraham Lincoln.

The South was convinced that President Lincoln was going to end slavery. While President Lincoln was against slavery and thought it was morally wrong, he never said he would end slavery. He made it very clear that he didn’t want slavery to spread and would work to see that slavery didn’t spread. President Lincoln said if he could save the Union by keeping slavery where it already existed, he would do that. Saving the Union was his top priority.

However, the South didn’t trust President Lincoln to keep his word. They were convinced he would end slavery. The South was also concerned about what would happen to slavery and the rights of slave-owners if more...

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