Why did some people favor King George's ideas during the Revolutionary War?  

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Some people had good reasons for supporting King George’s ideas during the Revolutionary War. There were people who were very loyal to Great Britain. These people agreed with his ideas. They believed the British had the right to run the colonies any way they wanted because they were Britain’s colonies. These people couldn’t imagine any scenario where they would go against their beloved King. Thus, they supported his ideas unconditionally.

Other people supported King George’s ideas because they either worked for the British government or their jobs depended on the British staying in control of the colonies. These people knew their livelihood depended on the British continuing to operate the colonies. They were concerned about what would happen to them and their jobs if the colonists won the Revolutionary War.

Some people supported King George’s ideas for religious reasons. King George was the head of the Anglican Church or the Church of England. These people couldn’t do anything to go against their religious leader.

Finally, there were people who supported King George’s ideas because they feared what would happen if the colonists won the Revolutionary War. These people believed there would chaos and disorder in the colonies. They knew that if Great Britain remained in charge of the colonies, there wouldn’t be disorder in the colonies. Some people had many reasons for supporting the ideas of King George.