Why did Shylock refuse to eat with Antonio and Bassonio in Merchant of Venice?It is in act 1 scene 3.

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In HOW TO READ LITERATURE LIKE A PROFESSOR, the author points out that all eating in books is communion.  Not just the kind of communion you take at church, but a sort of putting yourself at the mercy of the others in your company when eating.  It's a vulnerable time...when others can see that you may not eat neatly, or that you over or undereat, or that you order a salad instead of the steak and lobster that you really crave.  It also indicates a sort of fellowship or friendship...at least a willingness to come together and learn more about one another in a friendly setting. 

Shylock  wants none of the above with either Antonio or Bassonio.


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Shylock refused to eat with Antonio and Bassanio because he was a jew and they were christians.And shylock hated them.

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the reasen os this shylock was jew and bassanio was christain.its against jewish law to eat porks.

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Shylock refuse to eat with Bassanio because he is Jew and Bassanio is Christian. Also jews don't eat certain kind of meat like porc.

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