Why did Shaw not mention the real name of the flower girl, the bystander, the gentleman and the mother in Act One??Please i really need the answer

Expert Answers
parkerlee eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let's reverse the question and ask rather why should he?  If the identity of the characters and their relationship to one another had been revealed in a kind of third person onmiscient point of view, the story line would have lost its anticipation, and therefore, a lot of its interest.

By gradually "unravelling" the truth about the characters, their interpersonal relationships, and their motivations, Shaw forces the spectators to approach the events of the story in much the same manner as another character would. They mentally "stick around" to find out the denouement of the plot; by speculating on unknown factors)and then being "right" or "wrong"), they get subjectively involved.

Another structural reason for not revealing everything about everybody "at one pop" is that it follows a more credible time line. As you get to know people better in real life, so the spectators "get acquainted" in a superficial way at first with the characters, then have a more complete and honest appraisal of them later on. This helps build up their character profile over time, which is also an indispensible element of characterization.