Why Did Shakespeare Write Julius Caesar

Why did Shakespeare choose to write about Julius Caesar?

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We cannot know with any certainty why Shakespeare wrote about Julius Caesar, as he left no explicit explanation of his choice. Understanding some of the cultural background of Shakespeare's period will help us understand why Shakespeare's choice to write about Caesar would have appeared perfectly natural to his contemporaries, but that is not the same as elucidating his personal intentions, something to which we have no access.

First, education in Shakespeare's period in England was almost exclusively focused on the Bible and classical antiquity. Renaissance English authors did not study English literature in school; instead, they studied Greek and Roman literature, most commonly Roman literature in the original Latin. Caesar's Commentarii de Bello Gallico was a standard school text due especially to its clear and simple Latin. Plutarch's account of Caesar's life, the source of Shakespeare's play, was also quite well known to the average educated English person. Thus dramatizing the end of...

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