Why did satire become popular in the age of John Dryden and Alexander Pope?

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John Dryden (1631-1700)
Alexander Pope (1688-1744)
Restoration Period (1660-1688)
Augustan Age (1690-1744)

John Dryden and Alexander Pope were Restoration period and Augustan Age poets. The Restoration refers to period of time at which Charles II began his rule of England following the Cromwell's Commonwealth and Protectorate period that ensued after the beheading of Charles I. The Augustan Age, also called the Age of Reason and the Neoclassical Age, refers to a movement of poets who deliberately returned to imitating the Classical Augustan poets Virgil and Horace. It followed the Restoration in c. 1690 and ended with the death of Pope (1744).

The Restoration was a very religious era, nonetheless had a wide variety of kinds of poetry spanning from Milton's religious poem Paradise Lost, written between 1650 and 1660 and published at the beginning of the Restoration in 1667, to the ribald comedy The Country Wife . Literature appeared on the backdrop of philosophical writing calling for...

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