Why did Sal’s mother choose Lewiston, Idaho as her destination when she decided she was leaving Kentucky?

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Sal’s mother decides to go to Lewiston, Idaho because she has a cousin who lives there. She wants to see someone who knew her when she was a young girl, before she was a wife and mother, and before she lost the baby. This is something that her husband and Sal cannot give her. They know her only as an adult. Her life has been rocked by the loss of her baby, as well as the operation that means that she will never have any more children. Though he is sad about this, Mr. Hiddle understands and lets her go. Sal, however, does not understand and feels that she is inadequate. Once she had wondered why she was not enough for her parents, why they wanted more children. Her mother explained that she wanted more of the wonderful experience of having a child such as Sal. Sal did not understand this until after her mother was gone.

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