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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Romiette experiences the dream of herself drowning multiple times in the narrative.  There might be a couple of reasons to explain why.  The first would be that Romiette understands that there is something ahead that might be a cause for worry.  She recognizes that there is something "out there" that will cause challenge and stress.  Another reason she dreams of drowning reflects her lack of desire in swimming.  She does not like the water and the dream is a manifestation of this fear.  The dream serves as a foreshadowing element.  The dream comes to reality when she and Julio fall out of the boat and she plunges to the near- bottom of the lake.  It is here where the dream has the most meaning.  The dream plays out in reality as the embodiment of her fears of the water, the stressful element that is present in her life that must be overcome, and how she eventually has to take a chance on that which is initially daunting.  It is in this where I think that Romiette dreams of drowning so often in the text.  It becomes the symbol that both inhibits and serves to liberate her as the narrative progresses.

Quoya13 | Student

Romiette was terrified of water