Why did Rainsford say he was the beast at bay?in a multiple choice question i said because he won. Could that be right?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

No, I do not think that this answer could be correct.  When a beast is "at bay" that does not mean that it has won or that it is in any kind of a good situation.  Instead, when a beast is at bay it has been caught in some place where it cannot escape.  It is no longer able to run away and must turn and face the hunters. 

Rainsford says that he now knows how the beast at bay feels.  This is very close to the end of the hunt.   Rainsford has tried everything he can think of.  He has now even given up his knife to make one last trap.  Now he is completely defenseless.  This is why he is at bay.  Here is the quote from the story:

Then he ran for his life. The hounds raised their voices as they hit the fresh scent. Rainsford knew now how an animal at bay feels.

bike2010 | Student

Rainsford said that because he still an animal that is being hunted. So he is still the huntee and not the hunter.

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