why did the public want Julius Caesar to be king ??

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saintfester eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The ordinary citizens of Rome called for Julius Caesar to become their king, or dictator, for many different reasons.

One of Caesar’s first public offices was to be appointed Adele, which put him in charge of public entertainment. This was a very important position back then, and Caesar gained widespread popularity with the people for doing a good job at executing his duties. He became especially popular with the poor, who made up a majority of Rome’s population.

As consul, he conquered more territory for the Republic, which added to the grandeur of Rome. Citizens in Rome loved this, and this made Caesar even more popular because in addition to being a public servant he was now also a war hero. His soldiers also became fiercely loyal to him as a result of his conquests, which would help propel him to power later on.

Although his popularity made politicians nervous, the people were firmly behind him. When the senate tried to remove him from command, he used his popularity and position to defeat those who opposed him, including Pompey, and eventually declared himself dictator, which the vast majority of Romans didn’t have a problem with.

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