Why did the prince of Aragon choose the silver casket in The Merchant of Venice?

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In The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, the prince of Aragon chooses the silver casket. It is the one which is labeled 'Choose me and get what you deseerve.' Due to his huge ego and over-inflated opinions of himself, he probably thinks that he will get great things becuase of this - all the ordinary superficial things that most humans want such as money, power, luxury and the attentions that come with that. The phrase is very philosophical and clever when you look at it closely. It does Not say that it will deliver all these things, only that if you deserve good things (which may in any event turn out to be spiritual virtues anyway) you will get them. Think about what a character might get if their weak self-serving character deserves little.

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perhaps the prince of arragon thought himself to be much superior than the common foolish multitude whose something based on the superficial concepts by the outward show and not by analyzing the actual depth of the matter. He thinks himself the absolute deserving of portia and thus chooses the silver casket

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The prince of Araggon thought of himself superior to others and he thought that by choosing the gold casket which said, " Who chooseth me, shall get what many men desire" he would be considered one of the other ordinary men in the world. He chose the silver casket as it said that " Who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves" He thought that he was superior to others and that he deserved her in every single way.