In "The Outsiders", why did Ponyboy collapse the night of the rumble?  

Expert Answers
ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The morning after Ponyboy returned from Jay Mountain he is feeling pretty bad, but he encourages his family to go on with their regular day so they won't get fired from their jobs.  He and Two-Bit decide to go to the hospital to see Johnny and Dally.  On the way to the hospital and on the way home Ponyboy is feeling really bad.  He has a fever and he is sick.  He makes Two-Bit promise not to tell his brothers that he is sick and he takes several aspirin before the fight. 

During the fight Ponyboy is hit hard in the head and really takes some hard knocks.  With the stress from the fight, the hits he took to the head, and the illness he had going into the fight his body just gave out and he collapsed at the end of the fight.