Why Did Political Parties Form

Why did the political parties develop?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Political parties became an entrenched part of the American landscape following George Washington.  For his part, Washington saw the destructive nature of political parties, what he termed as "factions" growing in the American political landscape.  Yet, despite his warnings, he was helpless to do anything about the schism that emerged in the Presidency of John Adams.  The Federalist party, with thinkers like Adams and Alexander Hamilton, represented one set of interests that were predominantly pro- business, pro- industrial economic growth, and armed with a belief that the wealthy and most intelligent should govern.  This party was countered by the more populist vision offered by Thomas Jefferson and the Republican party, which consisted mostly of farmers, advocating a lesser role of the federal government, and an understanding that all individuals should be entitled to rule in a political setting that advocated the needs of farmers and those in the agrarian "field."  The Republicans and the Federalists were the nation's first two political parties, conceived in the notion that the "American experience" consisted of different elements for different people.  The parties were designed to give voice to such divergent experiences and narratives.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This first answer is not correct.  (I wrote this when the first answer said that the Whigs and Democrats were the first parties.  She seems to have changed it after I wrote this.)

The Whig and Democratic Parties were not the first parties.  The first parties were the Democratic-Republicans and the Federalists.  These parties started up right after George Washington stopped being president.

The reason that they started up is because the political leaders had found that they were divided along pretty consistent lines.  In other words, they found that they did not all agree, but that the all fit pretty well into two camps.

The main differences were over the power of the federal government (the D-Rs wanted a weak one), over what kind of economy they wanted (the D-Rs wanted farming, the Federalists wanted manufacturing) and who they liked in foreign policy (the D-Rs liked France and the Federalists liked England).


besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It all started with the Anti-Federalists who would later become the democrats and the Federalists who would later become the whigs. In the beginning, the Founding Fathers did not like the idea of political parties.

The democrats believed in farming and the working class. The whigs believed in big business, a strong central government, and a national bank. The whig party changed to the republican party in the mid 1800's.

Political parties formed because during this time the United States was growing and expanding. People had different opinions and forming political parties was a way to hear the voice of everyone and give everyone a chance to be heard fairly and equally.