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Why did the pilgrims decide to stay in Plymouth rather than return home to England?

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The decision by the pilgrims to settle in Plymouth instead of going back to England was based on a combination of different factors which include the following:

The pilgrims were escaping the harsh political situation in England and made a decision to establish their colony in America. Despite their inability to reach Virginia, their next best option was to establish their settlement in Plymouth instead of heading back home. In Plymouth they had an opportunity to enjoy freedoms that were inaccessible in England due to interference by the state.

Additionally, death and diseases ravaged the population that arrived on the Mayflower ship. The pilgrims and the ship’s crew were exposed to a number of ailments including tuberculosis, scurvy and pneumonia. These diseases limited their ability to engage in a long and treacherous journey back to England.

Finally, Plymouth presented a suitable place to settle. The area they found was suitable as it provided them with sufficient resources such as water and timber to establish their settlement and defend it from external aggression.

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