King of the Wind Questions and Answers
by Marguerite Henry

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In King of the Wind, why did the people in the village not eat for one whole day? Was it because they were fasting, or was there a drought?

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The people of the village in Morocco, a country in northwestern Africa, do not eat for the whole day because it is part of their religion.  The people are followers of Mohammed, and during the sacred month of Ramadan, they eat and drink nothing during the day, only breaking their fast with the setting of the sun.  Agba, the horseboy in Chapter 1, does not mind fasting himself, but he is worried because the overzealous Sultan has decreed that the fast must extend to the livestock as well.  One of the mares of which he is in charge is due to give birth, and he worries rightly that having no food or water during the day will be harmful to her in her condition.

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