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Why did the Panic of 1819 begin the rise of sectionalism? a. it destroyed the bank of United states, crashing the cotton markets b. it intensified inflation, setting of a series of slave revolts c. it reminded of the selections of their differences, and created new problems as well. d. it did all of the above

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Of the choices given in this question, the best answer is C.

A is a plausible answer, but is not correct.  The Bank of the United States was weakened badly but was not destroyed.  Cotton prices did crash, but not as a result of the bank’s problems.

B is less plausible.  There was inflation associated with the Panic of 1819.  However, there was no series of slave rebellions that came out of this panic.

This leaves only C.  The panic did affect the different regions differently with the contraction of credit tending to hurt the South more than the North.  This helped to emphasize tensions between the two regions.

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