Why did Northern Illinois University choose the husky as their mascot?

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The Huskie was not the first mascot for Northern Illinois University.  In the beginning they were known as the "Profs."  This was due to their number of education majors in the university.  In the 1920's Cardinals was the nickname.  This was most likely due to the school's jersey colors. "The Evansmen tag became a cognomen in the 1930s, a reverent recognition of athletics pioneer George G. "Chick" Evans."  Later names included the Northerners and Teachers.  In 1940 a team was created to sit down and come up with a suitable nickname and mascot for the school.  They were asked to find "... a term with a trifle more dash...".  This is how the mascot of the Huskie came into being. 

An anonymous source was sited as saying "Not only does the term (Huskie) have color and meaning, but it is particularly apt as in regard to NI's varsity teams".

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