Why does Nene find it difficult to accept her fiance's explanation?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The exposition of the story reflects Nene's unwillingness to share her fiance's fear.  Nene does not accept her husband's hesitancy to tell his father of their impending marriage.  She initially finds it difficult to understand her husband's explanations because she cannot fathom why his father would object to their marriage:  "He [Okeke] should be let into our happiness now."  Such a line represents her sterling sense of hope, a resolve that cannot comprehend her husband's reticence.

When Nnaemeka suggests that Nene does not understand the ways of the Ibo, once again she finds it difficult to accept such an explanation. Nene shows herself to be filled with a sense of self- assurance that does not understand such hesitation at a prospect of so much happiness:

That's what you always say [Nene would not understand the Ibo's view of marriage.]  But I don't believe that anybody would be so unlike other people that they will be unhappy when their sons are engaged to be married.

After this, Achebe describes Nene as "cosmopolitan," another idea that might help to explain why she finds it difficult accept her fiance's sense of negativity about telling his father of their impending marriage.