Why did Nebraska decide to have a unicameral government instead of a bicameral government?

Expert Answers
Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

U.S senator George William Norris is considered the founder of the Nebraska Unicameral legislature.  He and other advocates of the unicameral system believed that it allowed for simpler and more efficient bill to law process, without having each body to pass a given bill separately. That the unicameral system would cost less, and put more scrutiny on the one body and made the legislators more accountable. Unicameral advocates also believed a one body system would make lobbyist less powerful because the process would be more public. In addition, the elimination of the conference-committee, which Norris and others believed was the most secretive and easily corrupted aspect of a bicameral legislature. Because these factors Nebraska voters eliminated their bicameral system in favor of a unicameral one in 1937.