In The Story of My Life by Helen Keller, why did she (the narrator) say that the task of writing an autobiography was a difficult one?  

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The Story of My Life is an autobiographical account of Helen Keller's first twenty two years. Helen wrote it for two reasons. She knows how privileged she is to have been introduced to so many inspirational and life changing people, such as Ann Sullivan "who set my spirit free" (Ch 1) and Alexander Graham Bell  who helps her "pass from darkness into light" (Ch 3) and, she is making an attempt to reach out to others and somehow lead them to personal success. If she can do it, a blind, deaf girl from Alabama, then anyone can.

However, writing an autobiography, Helen explains is difficult because "lifting the veil that clings about my childhood like a golden mist" requires complete honesty and sometimes " fact and fancy look alike" when Helen must factually represent her struggles. Helen knows she has an active imagination so must tread carefully and ensure she does not confuse the two.  

It is not easy to remain objective but Helen, in an effort " not to be tedious" attempts to recall the events that will have the most impact and carry the most importance.  It could also be a painful experience  as Helen explains her silent, aimless, dayless life" (Ch 2)  and yet she must tell it honestly, including the unfortunate incidents and not only her successes.

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